Welcome- a few words

manometThank you for visiting my website, I thought i would make a post about my appreciation for visitors coming to my site. Please don’t be a stranger after your first visit because i will try to provide some useful information with a spin of my opinions and facts. I like to ramble on about random topics so there is going to be an infusion of anything and everything that I feel is worthy of talking about. This is not a news site so don’t expect everything you read here to be politically correct because again I will be applying opinions mostly to my posts.
I welcome your comments and opinions but please refrain from derogatory and rude remarks because they will be deleted so don’t waste your time. The reason i chose this domain was because i did some research on manomet back when i was in high school. When I was looking for a domain for my website i stumbled upon manomemaine.org and i couldn’t resist the urge to own it so I figured I would purchase it. I am not going to be posting a lot of articles about manomet but every now and then i just might! So don’t forget to check back.
I finally realized my dream of building my own blog. This took some procrastination because i had to learn everything about owning a wordpress blog including hosting, purchasing a domain name, installation and other things that come with the process of building a blog. Now that I have my blog up and running i will continue to learn and grow as a blogger so that i can build a lasting impression on my readers and grow a following. I will stop my random thoughts now and end my post right here before i get even more random. Kudos to you for reading this far.