Working Out At Home

In my efforts to try and lose weight I have been looking for at home weight loss programs that can deliver results in a short period of time because I like fast results. So after searching and getting distracted every now and then by the random search strings that come up in Google I was able to come across a workout program called PiYo workout DVD by celebrity trainer Charlene Johnson. Well I am not a big fan of infomercials so my doubts always creep in when I see an item being sold by being crammed down our throats. Well here is my mini review.

At home workout programs can be a waste of money because it’s so easy to buy them and just let them collect dust on the shelf or wherever you stash yours. My issues usually stem from not being able to consistently stay on top of the exercises for whatever reason. I am the type who gets amped up and imagine myself months down the road, usually aiming to achieve results by a date of an event; which is usually the goal.Sit-up-with-weight

I also happen to have shiny object syndrome which unfortunately makes me excited about looking for the next best thing even when I might have it right under my nose. This is so true because I was able to realize this when I jumped from p90x to insanity numerous times because I kind of quickly got bored and lazy. Eventually I decided to stick to one program and just force myself to do it, so I picked insanity over p90x, the first time I did the exercises I thought “this is impossible, I can’t jump up and down that long!”, well weeks later I was somewhat able to keep up with some of the exercises. I was getting better.

As for the PiYo workout dvd I had to pretty much use the same philosophy to force myself to follow the calendar and nutrition. The exercises get better as you do them but don’t expect to be keeping up with the training group on the video the first time, unless you have done similar exercises in the past. It’s not for everybody, I think it’s more effective for females because for guys looking to bulk up this might not be your cup of tea.


Welcome- a few words

manometThank you for visiting my website, I thought i would make a post about my appreciation for visitors coming to my site. Please don’t be a stranger after your first visit because i will try to provide some useful information with a spin of my opinions and facts. I like to ramble on about random topics so there is going to be an infusion of anything and everything that I feel is worthy of talking about. This is not a news site so don’t expect everything you read here to be politically correct because again I will be applying opinions mostly to my posts.
I welcome your comments and opinions but please refrain from derogatory and rude remarks because they will be deleted so don’t waste your time. The reason i chose this domain was because i did some research on manomet back when i was in high school. When I was looking for a domain for my website i stumbled upon and i couldn’t resist the urge to own it so I figured I would purchase it. I am not going to be posting a lot of articles about manomet but every now and then i just might! So don’t forget to check back.
I finally realized my dream of building my own blog. This took some procrastination because i had to learn everything about owning a wordpress blog including hosting, purchasing a domain name, installation and other things that come with the process of building a blog. Now that I have my blog up and running i will continue to learn and grow as a blogger so that i can build a lasting impression on my readers and grow a following. I will stop my random thoughts now and end my post right here before i get even more random. Kudos to you for reading this far.